OMG!!! Celebrities Sexiest Halloween Costumes


Mariah Carey as a Mermaid

Mariah Carey
Kim Kardashian as Poison Ivy

Halloween Costumes of Kim Kardashian

The Queen of Halloween is back with this super sexy green get up! Here’s Kim at the Midori Green Halloween costume party.
Holly Madison as Minnie Mouse

Holly Madison as Minnie Mouse
Holly Madison Halloween Costumes
This innocent Disney character isn’t so innocent in Madison’s version of the costume!

Miranda Kerr as a Ring Master

Miranda Kerr Ring Master Halloween Costumes
Miranda Kerr Halloween Costumes
A supermodel plus a whip, no one is objecting to this hot look! The beauty stole the show as a ring master while hosting her Sexy Circus Halloween Party in New York.

Paris Hilton as a Sailor

Paris Hilton as a Sailor
Paris Hilton Halloween Costumes
Ahoy. mates! Paris is ready to set sail in her sexy sailor costume.


Nicki Minaj as a Police Officer

 Nicki Minaj Halloween Costumes 2014
Nicki Minaj Halloween Costumes
Looks like this celeb is ready to make some arrests. I already know my rights Ms. Officer!

Kim Kardashian as a Cheetah

 Kim Kardashian Halloween Makeup
Kim Kardashian Halloween Makeup
Holy cleavage! The Keeping up with the Kardashians star definitely turned some heads in this look.

Christina Milian as Queen of Hearts

 Christina Milian Halloween Costumes
Christina Milian Halloween Costumes
Another Queen of Hearts and another jaw dropping costume.

Kim Kardashian as Queen of Hearts

Kim Kardashian Queen of Hearts
Kim Kardashian Halloween Outfits
Sexy Queen of Hearts seems to be a popular look among Hollywood’s A-Listers!

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