Make it close to your waist and dependable

the flex belt

If you are too busy to devote some time for yourself and hence got out of shape, here is a workout gadget at your disposal called the Flex Belt.

What is this, how does it work, how is it different? It is a belt as the name tells you and that it is flexible; so you can wear it around your waist and carry on with whatever schedule you have planned for yourself. While you are working at your office, or watching your favorite TV channel, the flex belt is doing its work too. It is one ab workout machine that tones up without any effort on your part.

The belly fat is a universal problem for men and women all over the world. The tendency to accumulate fat around the abdomen is common with especially with one who cannot plan out an exercise regime for themselves. The Flex Belt is user-friendly and fits into the bill for especially all those who are guilty of not devoting some time for themselves to exercise and keep fit. For these individuals it is a perfect ab workout machine that is fastened around the belly that starts working to tone up your abdominal muscles.


This is what will be when you wrap around your belly ?the muscle simulation technology of the gadget starts working on the nerves with maximum concentration on the external oblique; the nerves branch all over the abdomen that contracts and expands continuously working by toning them up every second. The contractions tones and strengthens the ab as it would, if you did crunches or sit-ups, but without the effort. With regular use the magic unfolds and you have firm toned abs.


You can carry it along with you when you travel and so don have to miss out on your workout schedule that Flex Belt will do for you while you relax. The portability factor gives an upper edge to this with its Electric Muscle Simulation generating deep effective contractions; thus giving you firm toned up attractive abs without any sweat.

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